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December 26, 2013


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I was just looking up pictures of Finland, so I decided to see what his real tarot card would look like.

And no, not his game created one, I'm talking about the Tarot Cards played by the French (hence why France says those cards were his), as well as used for divinitation.

So, I look up to find all the Tarot Cards, 0 - 21. Now, here's where my theory for the Arcanas will be. In the game with the Tarot Cards, there's 22 cards in total, beginning with "The Fool" and endig with "The World". Now, before I go on, I'll tell you that these are "Major Arcanas", and why am I saying this? It's because you may end up looking at the "Minor Arcanas".

You can see that World is there, being the last one, the card is described as "The end of the cycle of life" and to "Begin back at The Fool". World is number 21. Though, being at the end, he is concidered as the "highest card", though, it can be different if "The Fool" was number 22, making World second to last, practically just under the "highest", hence the relation between World and the Fauchereve. (I would believe the "Fool" is Italy/Fauchereve, I'll explain my reasonig in a bit)

There's Chariot, of course. He's number 7, his card described as "princely" or atleast "powerful". Now, this somewhat makes sense to me, due to the fact that Finland's Santa, and on the actual Tarot card, there's a man sitting in a sort of carriage with horses or sphinxes. As being Santa, he sits in a seigh/carriage which is pulled by Reindeers, which are similar to horses.

Lastly, the 3rd known Arcana so far, Hermit. The 9th Tarot Card. Now, I looked at the card itself, and it made perfect sense to me. Japan, as everyone should know, is a pretty old person/country, wears a robe, and sometimes has a lantern, correct? If you looked at the Tarot card, it showed an old man in a robe, with a lantern, as well as in a snow-like place in the background. This card can be interpreted in 2 ways, the first making more sense. "To withdraw oneself from society to become comfortable", with the latter being "the return from isolation to share knowledge with others".

Now, these are my theories for future Arcanas.

So, if you know these Tarot cards, maybe you're asking yourself "But what are the other cards?". I'll tell you.

The left over cards that Kyo and Piano haven't used yet (which may or may not actually be used) are these. I'll also say who I believe are goig to be those Arcanas.

The Fool - Fauchereve, yes, I know he isn't an Arcana, but, the meaning of this card is the fact that its a "Joker" and its "childlike acts". Also, this card number, is Zero. It had also said that because of it was 0, it lacks of actual substance, hence the fact that the Fauchereve-possessed Italy has black spots, and that his left eye is nothing but a white circle.

The Magician - England or Norway, yes these two from the Magic Trio. The reason why I didn't include Romania, was because he was a Vampire, not a mage, nor wizard. Now, my reasoning, yes England is in your party, but you saw Hermit! It was Japan! So it is very possible that a fake Iggy could be the "Magician". Now, as for Norway, there could be a possibility for more Nordics to appear, plus he was the only other person than Iggy that knew Magic.

The High Priestess - This one, I'm leaning more towards Norway, due to the fact that this card is represeted as an "independent individual" and is a "secret keeper". I choose Norway because he barely shows emotion, yes? You wouldn't know what he was thinking at all. The card is also interpretated as "otherworldly".

The Empress - Hungary, the reason for this is that the card is described as "motherly" and assosiated with "beauty" and "power". As you should know, Hungary is a girl, so she seem beautiful, but she also had power back then, and was usually thought of as a boy due to that power. As for the "motherly" part, when she had worked for Austria, she had also took care of Chibitalia, which she acted as if Italy was her own "child".

The Emperor - Prussia, yes, you may think "Wait, how is that possible if Prussia's tending the comatosed guys?". But think it over, Finland was there, so it's very possible a fake Prussia would be there. The card is described as "wanting one's surroundings" and "power" as well. The actual Tarot card is also accompanied by the eagle of HRE, and Prussia was there, not Germany yet, so it would make perfect sense! Plus, Prussia considers himself as the "Awesome King", right? Or somerhing like that. (And no, this is not my intention of purposely shipping PruHun)

The Hierophant - Austria (And no, I did not make the three of them be right near each other on purpose), because the card itself is known as "a man of high social standing". As why I think Austria fits it is because he's "educated" and very much "mature", just like the card. Not much is to say about this one...

The Lovers / The Twins - Now, at first I had thought that it should be France, but then I saw that it also said twins. Canada and America couldnt fit, nor would Italy and Romano. I wouldn't think Prussia and Germany, but the most connected thing that came to mind was "Belarus and Russia". And no, I do not ship it. The reason for this is that, they are related, yeah, and Belarus loves Russia to death. The card is described with words like "desires", "attraction", "heart", and "dilemma" (That's where Russia comes in.). You've seen Belarus stalking Russia, wanting to marry him, doig anything to get his attention. The "dilemma" part of the card, would represent Russia, as he is definately scared whenever Belarus tries to get Russia.

Strength / Lust - Spain, and no, I don't think of him as a pervert because of the Lust. This is more of the card named "Strength". Now, you may think Germany, yes? Well, the description of this card is "Kind" and it's strength is more internal than external, saying that someone may be weak physically, but is strong in their mind and heart, thats what I think of Spain.

Wheel of Fortune - This one, I don't actually know...

Justice - This one either...

The Hanged Man - Ib reference! (GARRYYYYY) Okay, anyways, I believe this one would be Denmark. The reason for this os that, even if Denmark's rowdy and all, you've seen World, you've seen Chariot, both were extremely different from the actual countries. Denmark always takes action, right? The Hanged Man is described as "giving - up" and "not doing anything".

Death - Either Holy Roman Empire or Rome would fot this for me. More likely Rome, but that wouldn't make sense to anyone, would it? = w =

Temperance - Liechinstein seems to fit this one, due to the fact that this card is described with "healing" and "joining forces". Now, if you eer heard Lili's Marukaite Chikyuu, she sings about matching circles, aka joining together.

The Devil - Not much is said about this one, so I wouldn't know.

The Tower - Romano, because of the fact that the card means "chaos" and "hard times". Romano had hard times as a child right? (Even though he was bein a lazy bum) His tsundere-ish personality is also much like "chaos", bt more likely the fact that he represents South Italy, where many Italian Mafias were created.

The Star - Taiwan would seem to fit this. I mean, she is pretty calm and gentle, right? Basically, that is what the card is, calm and gentle.

The Moon - Nothing seems to come to my mind.

The Sun - Sealand! He is absolutely cheery and happy, I know that. The card is described with words like "happiness", "joy", "life", and "expansion". Sealand always wants to be a coutry, so the "expansion" part of it fits. The card's image has a "child of life", Sealand still has the appearance of a child, so it fits correct? It is also said to represent a child's inocence.

Judgement - This one was hard, but I couldn't figure out anything.

Those were onky my opinions/theories, so feel free to give some input, I don't mind hate, so if you see somethig wrong, you can just tell me. (I wll feel extremely happy if I got some of these right, like wow)

Dreamtalia (c) :iconkyokyo866: and :iconpianodream:
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Lillica424 Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2014  Student Artist
MedusaLegend Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2013
For the star, I would rather have Belgium because it is the card or simplicity and Belgium always complains that She is too plain in comparison to her wierd neighbours.
SHSL-Game-Designer Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Hm... I guess. I never really thought of that.
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These are interesting uwu
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Hahaha, thank you Kyo-senpai~

I can't wait to see the other Arcanas though, I'd be amazed if I got atleast some of these correct.
zoewinter1 Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
I wonder if I just read spoilers by accident
SHSL-Game-Designer Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Which part?

The first half or second half? O 3 O
ChibiLittleMe Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Your theory is really interesting! I can see some of them in a short theory of mine, like the Fauchereve being the Fool! I imagined the Tower saying something in the lines of ''Because our Master is trully a Fool, the greatest of all.''
About the role of the Magician, I thought that was a role more fitting to Sealand, or another young nation. The Magician isn't someone who possesses some kind of supernatural power, but someone who realises that he has no absolute knowledge, therefore begins to conquer it, moving from being the Fool.
As you said, the Tower symbolizes chaos, and a change for the worse. I fit England as the Tower. He's brought chaos in the past to many others and himself, and sometimes, to me at least, seems to contradict himself, and, much like Romano, he possesses a tsundere personality as well.

I don't want to start a heated arguement! Just a casual conversation. I'm studying the Arcana, so I had made some matchings from various anime and games on it.
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